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Current Students

Please read instructions on each form carefully.

New Student Forms
New Student Orientation All new F-1 international students (initial and transfer) are required to complete New Student Orientation prior to attending HCC.  
International Arrival and Immigration Check-In To be completed by new and transfer students after they arrive in the U.S.  This should be completed before your begin your first semester at HCC.

Immigration & Advising Forms
Change of Information Update your address, email or telephone number in MyHCC Self-Service under the HCC Links menu. Click on your username on the upper right side of the page and select "Profile and Address Updates."
Change of Education Level Request This request is for students that have graduated with an AA or AS degree program at HCC and would like to return to start a new program.   
Change of Program To be completed by students to request a change of major or to add a second major.
Dependent Request To request a dependent spouse or child under 25 join you at HCC.
Drop/Add Registration Form Students who wish to add, drop or withdraw from a class at HCC should use this form.
F-1 Waiver Request Submitted by students who have been approved for a new visa status, permanent residency or have attended their biometrics appointment and wish to end their F-1 status. 
FERPA Consent Form Use this form if you would like to share any personal information related to your academics studies to a sponsor, parent or any third party. HCC is required by law to have written permission.
Financial Information Update To request an update of your I-20 record with new financial support information.
Graduation/Shorten Program Request Graduating students should complete this request and speak with their CIE advisor regarding options after graduation, the procedures to follow and how these options will impact their F-1 status.
How to Buy Your Textbooks Online Guide to show you how to buy your textbooks online through the HCC Bookstore.
How to Order Transcripts.pdf Step by step guide showing you how to order your HCC transcripts.
I-20 Extension Request Submit this request if you will need to continue your studies at HCC past the "program end date" printed on your I-20. 
I-20 Reprint Request To request a reprint of your I-20 that was lost or stolen.
Letter Request For requesting enrollment verification, financial or other types of letter from the international office.
Reduced Course Load (RCL) Request To request to take less than 12 credits during a required semester.  Note, requests are limited to your first semester or due to a medical issue (in any semester at HCC). 
Reinstatement Guide Guide to show you how to regain your F-1 status if you are out of status.
Transfer Out Request Submit this request if you will be transferring out and would like your I-20 record transferred to another U.S. school
Withdrawal Request Students who intend to withdraw from all of their HCC classes and return home for the semester should submit a withdrawal request.
Insurance Forms
Alternate Insurance Waiver Form Use this form if you would like to purchase a non-IFS insurance plan.  Submit this form to IFS to see if your insurance plan complies with the Florida Board of Governor's coverage requirements.
IFS Personal Representative Form For students that need help resolving issues with their medical claims.  Only applies to students who purchase their insurance through IFS.
Urgent Care Clinics List This is a list of urgent care clinics located near Dale Mabry Campus that accept the United Healthcare insurance plan (plan purchased through IFS).
Using Your Health Insurance This guide will show you how to access your insurance ID card, accounts and use your insurance to see a doctor.  Remember - your insurance network is United Healthcare PPO.

Employment Forms
Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Must be completed by students that will be engaging in off-campus training for their degree program or taking an internship class.  Students who are in health science programs (including nursing, respiratory care, etc) will need to submit this every semester they will train. 
Economic Hardship  Students who are facing substantial and unforeseen financial problems may qualify to work in the U.S.  Speaking with a CIE advisor is highly recommended prior to completion of this form
On-Campus Employment Report Form Required to be completed by any F-1 student with an on-campus job.  Students are required to update CIE with any changes to their on-campus employment.
Optional Practical Training (OPT) Use this form to apply for OPT while you are still studying at HCC (pre-completion) or if you wish to work on OPT after graduating from HCC (post-completion).
OPT Report Form Students that are working on pre-or post-completion OPT are required to report their employment information via this form.
2023 Tax Forms 
Form 8843 (2023) The 8843 must be filed by every F-1 international student, regardless of employment status.
Form 8843 Instructions Filing instructions for Form 8843.
Form 1040NR (2023) Tax filing form for F-1 students that have earned income from authorized employment in the U.S. in 2022.
2023 Tax Reporting Overview Information and resources to help F-1 students prepare and file Forms 8843 and 1040NR